Was umbridge killed?

How did Dolores Umbridge die? After Voldemort's death and the reformation of the Ministry of Magic by Kingsley Shacklebolt, Umbridge was arrested, tried, convicted and sent to Azkaban for life for her crimes against Muggle-borns as not all of them survived. Unfortunately, she didn't burn in hell. 31 May 2021

How was Chinx killed?

When Chinx pulled up to a red light at 84th Drive around 4 a.m., Rudolph says Homere fired a 9-mm handgun into the rapper's Porsche, striking and killing Chinx and wounding his friend and Coke Boys affiliate Yemen Chee$e (real name Antar Alziadi). 15 Dec 2017

How was rhaegar killed?

Rhaegar was killed by Robert Baratheon during the Battle Of Trident during Robert's Rebellion, hundreds of miles north of King's Landing. The death of Rhaegar, the most beloved member of the royal family and expert warrior, all but ended the Targaryen cause. However, Aeyrs still sat on the Iron Throne. 14 Apr 2019

Was Aethelwulf killed by a bee?

At the end of season four Aethelwulf had to warn his father to evacuate the kingdom after suffering a heavy loss against the Vikings.
Fans who came to like Aethelwulf's character wanted him to have a noble death on the battlefield, and they were shocked to find out he died from being stung by a bee. 8 Jun 2020

Was anyone killed in the making of Ben Hur?

Ben-Hur (1925). An early filming attempt of the chariot race was done on location at the Circus Maximus in Rome. It brought about the death of one stuntman when a wheel of his chariot broke.

Was umbridge a Death Eater?

Despite her wickedness and pure-blood supremacist attitude, Umbridge was repeatedly stated to be no Death Eater, as she never showed support for them until they took over the Ministry in 1997.

When was Massoud killed?

9 September 2001, Takhar, Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Massoud / Assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud fought the Soviets from his home territory in the Panjshir Valley, and resisted the Taliban, too, until his assassination on September 9, 2001. 29 Sep 2021

Why Was Albert killed off on Little House on the Prairie?

In the 1983 made-for-TV movie, Albert is diagnosed with leukemia after suffering from severe nosebleeds and exhaustion. He decides to spend the last few months of his life in Walnut Grove, where he presumably dies off camera — going against the events of Season 9. 26 May 2020

Why was Andrea killed off Ghost Whisperer?

In "The One", a plane crashes and Andrea notices Melinda is hiding something. She believes her brother Mitch died during the plane crash and Melinda is seeing his ghost.
Andrea Marino Portrayed by Aisha Tyler In-universe information Nickname Andie, Squeaky Occupation Lawyer Co-owned antique store 4 more rows

Why was Angela killed off Family Guy?

In "Pawtucket Pete", Angela died by swimming too soon after eating according to Peter's eulogy. When Peter tries to come up with people who could go on Quagmire's camping trip other than himself in "No Giggity, No Doubt", he summons everyone from Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

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