Should I go to college or join the military?

No matter if you choose to go to college or enter the military, pursing additional education is always beneficial. While the military offers more opportunities to pay for your college degree, financial aid packages and scholarships can be enough to handle many of the common expenses which come with attending college. 10 Jan 2020

Should I go to Disneyland or Disney?

We love both Disneyland and Disney World. The answer to “which Disney park is better” really comes down to personal preference. However, our favorite is clearly Disney World because it captures that special Disney magic like no other place in the world. Try both parks and see which one you like better! 31 Aug 2021

Is it better to go to college before joining the military?

Enlisting in the military first means gaining the opportunity to retire earlier, have college paid for and potentially avoiding student loans. On the other hand, graduating from college first and then enlisting may allow you to start off at a higher rank and pay grade, with more opportunities for leadership roles. 12 Jan 2021

Should I go to a college or a university?

Many students ask if a university is better than a college.
For example, if a student wants to attend a school with a variety of programs and classes, then a university may be a better choice. If a student values small class sizes and a closer relationship with professors, then a college might be the best option. 17 Dec 2020

How do you decide if you should go to college or not?

If you're sitting there wondering whether or not college is right for you, there are four big questions you should be asking yourself. Do You Know What You Want to Do?
Are You Going Just Because Others Expect You To?
Do You Like School Enough to Go Through Four More Years of It?
Are You Willing to Put Your Life on Hold? More items
• 24 May 2019

How many days should I go to Vegas for the first time?

How many days should I go to Vegas for the first time? 4 days is just right for first-timers in Vegas. I recommend spending three days exploring the Strip and one day checking out downtown Las Vegas. For those who want to extend your vacation, considering checking out Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, or the Grand Canyon.

Should I go to San Diego or Los Angeles?

If you're looking for relaxation, nature, leisure and recreation, San Diego is probably the better choice. If you're looking for nightlife, excitement, glamour, culture and a wide variety of events to choose from, Los Angeles would be the better choice.

Should I go to the ER if urgent care is closed?

Many emergency departments also have physicians with various backgrounds and specialties on-staff at all times, unlike urgent care centers.
Some patients may visit an ER in the middle of the night when urgent care centers are closed even if they are not experiencing severe symptoms.

Should I go to the gym if I'm tired?

Exercising when you're running on empty also increases your risk of injury. So if you're exhausted, the best thing you can do for your body is to get a good night of rest and get back in the gym the next day. 22 Oct 2019

What college should I go to for business?

Top 15 Best Colleges For Business Majors School Name Location Middle 50% SAT Scores 1. University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1460-1550 2. Cornell University Ithaca, NY 1400-1560 3. California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA 1530-1570 4. Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, MO 1480-1550 11 more rows • 16 Feb 2020

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